Pre-Listing Preparation for Your Anchorage Home

The first step for attracting buyers to your Anchorage home, especially in this market, is pricing it well and ensuring it’s in the best condition possible. You can’t change its location, you usually can’t change the floor plan or style, so price and condition are your best bet for staying ahead of the pack. And condition doesn’t stop at slapping on a fresh coat of paint, though that never hurts; a fresh paint job doesn’t mean the boiler works well, or that the roof is sturdy. With that in mind, roll up your sleeves and get ready to go to work! The following checklist will help you get started on your pre-listing tasks:

Check the bones.

Most home buyers have no desire to make major repairs immediately after moving in, so unless you plan to sell your home as-is for a lesser price, it’s wise to take care of any major issues prior to listing your property. Your Realtor should be able to recommend experienced professionals to handle inspections and repairs in most areas, including the roof, the foundation, central heating units, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Ounce of prevention, pound of cure.

Most routine maintenance is simple and inexpensive, yet it can exponentially enhance your home’s overall condition and appeal. Unless you’re seriously averse to doing some manual labor on your own, don’t bother calling a contractor or handyman; these tasks are easy to do yourself! A few weekend projects include:

  • Repairing or replacing leaky faucets.

  • Replacing burnt out light bulbs.

  • Replacing dirty filters in your heating system.

  • Re-caulking your bathrooms to prevent leakage.

  • Setting up a dehumidifier in your crawlspace to prevent condensation.

  • Checking your smoke detectors and installing carbon monoxide detectors on each floor.

  • Installing GFCI outlets in “wet” areas, like your kitchen and bathrooms.

Your Realtor should be able to give you a more comprehensive list, or you could opt to pay for a pre-listing home inspection by a licensed home inspector. Either way, it’ll give you a head start on these fixes.

Go above & beyond.

Most buyers expect sellers to take care of any major repairs and maintenance prior to handing over the keys, so if you really want a leg up on the market, go the extra mile to make your home stand out. Shoveling all your walkways in the winter, pruning hedges and trees in the summer, tightening loose doorknobs, replacing burnt out lightbulbs, and so on, can help take your home from a dime a dozen to one of a kind.

That should get you started. If you have questions about other facets of pre-listing preparation, we at Wolf Real Estate Professionals are happy to answer them! Talk to you soon!

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