Staging Your Home to Sell

During Alaskan winters, the grizzlies hunker down, folks bundle up with their parkas, and the cold and darkness make everyone a little sleepier. Similarly, the Anchorage real estate market slows down. As such, it’s important to use as many tools as possible to make selling your house simple, smooth, and quick. One of the most effective tools is staging. While it costs money to bring in a professional stager, staging your home is well worth it, a simple but brilliant way to freshen up your space and help buyers envision their lives in it. Here are a few of our favorite before and after shots from properties that have been professionally staged, as well as some tips to give you a head start on your own.

Color Me Impressed

When you’re working with a small space, less is definitely more, as even smaller items can make rooms feel cramped or cluttered. However, when you have a spacious living-dining-kitchen area, leaving it completely empty can make it difficult for a potential buyer to perceive it as homey or comfortable. To give it some personality, but not too much, start with your wall colors. Neither neutrals or colors are great by themselves – all neutrals can make a space feel cold and unlivable, while all colors can scream loud and obnoxious. If all the walls are a neutral, like the soft tan shown in our before shot, give the space some confidence by painting just one wall a different color. Avoid neon colors like lime green or hot pink, opting instead for deep hues like midnight blue, or an orange-red terra cotta, as pictured in our after shot. Add neutral furniture pieces, then finish with multi-colored throws, rugs, and books to keep the space interesting without overwhelming buyers.

Go Green

However, the jump from not staged to staged doesn’t have to be so involved; it can be as subtle as adding a house plant! The simple addition of some small greenery can take a space like this bathroom from cold and lifeless to warm and bright. This is an especially useful tactic in spaces with fixtures that can’t be easily replaced or rearranged, like kitchens and bathrooms. Adding other furniture pieces can quickly clutter up such spaces, so stick with small, subtle finishes. Plants, towels, and small pieces of art can give those spaces dimension and character while maintaining an open, airy feel.

Let there be light

Last but certainly not least is lighting. We can’t stress enough how much of a difference clean, bright lighting can make. We are big fans of natural light, but look at the difference good lighting makes in our after shot. While natural light is certainly soothing, it is in short supply during Alaskan winters and often leaves some nooks and crannies, or sometimes even whole sides of rooms, in the shadows. Dim rooms suggest infrequent use and dreary living, obviously putting off potential buyers. Opening all the curtains and blinds and flipping on all the lights instantly turns your home into a warm, comfortable space in which buyers can envision their new lives. Staging your home using a professional has cost involved, for sure, but realtors know that professionally staged houses sell sooner and for more money than similar un-staged houses. You can get a head start by adding color to neutral-heavy spaces, sprucing up your home with greenery, and investing in new bulbs for all of your home’s light fixtures.If you have more questions about staging, or need guidance for your other real estate needs, please don’t hesitate to call us at (907) 248-9653 or email us at We’re here to help!

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