How Anchorage Realtors Can Help You Sell Your Property

If you are planning to sell your piece of real estate in Anchorage, Alaska soon, you might be considering a for sale by owner, or FSBO. While the idea of controlling the entire selling process appeals to some, it can also take you out of your depth. Working with a Realtor in Anchorage can save you time, stress, and even money. Here are 3 reasons to find a good Realtor:

1. Statewide marketing reach. All Realtors in Anchorage, Alaska have access to Alaska’s Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, the lifeblood of Alaska real estate buying and selling. While the general populace can look up properties on the public-facing MLS site, the main reason we use it is to market your property to other real estate professionals across the city and state. In addition to the photos that everyone can see, Realtors can view disclosure documents, tax information, and more. It also provides an excellent marketing foundation for most major real estate sites, including Zillow, Trulia, and

2. Tried and true marketing plan. This will differ from one Realtor to another, but most established, successful Realtors in Anchorage have a proven track record of effective marketing. Some take a shotgun approach, casting a wide net that includes numerous advertising avenues. Others focus on three to five strong advertising methods. Whatever their strategy, they usually work well. There are also a ton of marketing facets – staging, professional photos, even copyright matters – that many homeowners don’t consider.

3. Process and negotiation expertise. If you think marketing is a headache, wait until you accept an offer. Scheduling a home inspection, negotiating repairs, ordering an appraisal, recertifying an as built survey – these are just a few of the tasks that typically need to be done to get you from offer acceptance to the closing table. With years of experience and training, Anchorage Realtors are simply better equipped to walk you through this process.

We at Wolf Real Estate Professionals are ready to answer all of your real estate questions, whether you’re selling, buying, or just thinking about the future. Give us a call or email us to start the conversation. Talk to you soon!

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