3 Tips for Negotiating a Home Purchase

Your Realtor is the best resource you have during the home buying process, and he/she will walk you through it in as stress-free a way as possible. To help you prepare for your upcoming purchase, here are a few things you should know about negotiating the purchase of a home...

Have the property inspected

Hire a home inspector to inspect the property. This isn't very expensive, between $250 and $400 in Anchorage. This accomplishes two things at once. First, it will give you a first look at any major issues with the house, like code compliance items or items that might be getting ready to fail. Because the inspector will find at least a few things that need attention, you can reference these problems with the seller.

If it's not in writing, it's not real

Whenever the seller agrees to something or gives you a piece of information, ask for it in writing. Try not to be annoying about it, but remember - you can only hold the seller to agreements and information that have been recorded. As your agent, we will be making sure that any request is in writing and make sure you either get credit or the work is done as agreed upon.

Be reasonable

There are many scenarios, but sometimes the perfect house for you is the perfect house for someone else at the same time. Your agent can help you structure an offer that has the highest likelihood of being accepted by the seller. As a buyer, you may only buy or sell a house every 5 years or so. Your agent might sell several a month and knows the market and industry practices and State laws. Their advice is valuable. Does the market favor sellers right? Has the property been on the market for months? Should you make a more creative offer, or would you lose the opportunity and not be taken seriously by the seller? We can help you through these decisions depending on many varying factors.

Whatever your buying process looks like, we would love to help! If you have any questions about negotiating your home purchase or anything else related to real estate, feel free to give us a call at (907) 248-9653, or email us at team@wolfhomes.net. Talk to you soon!

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